Episode 212 – Cursed Objects

Thursday, February 18, 2016
There was a silly vicar in an English stage revue entitled “Beyond the Fringe”. His sermon was a total send-up.  (You can Youtube it easily.)
Recently, however, I was in a situation in which that spoof came across as gravitationally serious.  I was engaging — unsuccessfully — a problem of some long standing, and nothing was working!  Not my spiritual director, not my small group, not my meditations, not the dharma, not my flesh and blood nor my friends.  Nothing was working.  Then I remembered an illustration from the satirical sermon in “Beyond the Fringe”, the one about the tin of sardines.  And bingo!
It was a cursed object I was dealing with, or more specifically, a cursed movie.  The movie’s good, but the curse held.
I found my answer.  It was made of bronze, sort of the Christian’s Bronze Serpent towards which Moses’ afflicted people looked.  It worked.
Throw in a little cover by Los Straitjackets, a touch of Stephen King, and that memorable Canadian television series “Friday the 13th: The Series” — and I’ve got your back.
This podcast is dedicated to James Fishwick, who knows things.