Mockingbird Update: What’s in Store for 2020 and How You Can Help

With 2020 just a breath away, it’s time for our annual update on all things […]

Mockingbird / 12.30.19

With 2020 just a breath away, it’s time for our annual update on all things Mockingbird! The headlines may be filled with stories of a “church-pocalypse” but I couldn’t imagine a better time to be talking about the unflagging grace of God for non-theoretical sinners like you and me.

And what a year we’ve had doing just that: four new books, two issues of our print magazine, two conferences, five podcasts, reams of fresh content on our website. The audience for our principal podcast, The Mockingcast, more than doubled over the course of the year, from 3500 downloads per episode to more than 7500! We helped launch a beautiful line of children’s resources, and yours truly traversed the country talking to a wonderfully wide variety of audiences about Seculosity (the audio version of which just dropped!).

Suffice it to say, the facts on the ground tell a much more encouraging story than the one we so often click on.

What’s next?

We have two major projects on tap for 2020. First, the overhaul of this website, which we are hoping to debut before our NYC Conference (4/23-25 – earlybird preregistration closes on 1/20). The initial rounds of design have all of us in the office salivating, and we cannot wait for you to see it. Second, the sequel to our 365-day devotional is about 60% finished! A mammoth undertaking, but one which we plan to publish in time for Christmas next year. In addition to NYC, 2020 will also see events potentially in Texas, Maine, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Oh and “The Future” issue of our print magazine comes out in January!

All this while the parade of high-quality written and audio content continues apace.

How You Can Help

Mockingbird relies on the generosity of individual donors and churches to fund its operations. Specifically, we need to raise $375,000 to keep fulfilling our mission in 2020. For more info about where the money goes, click here. Three easy ways to help might be:

  1. Become a monthly supporter. Close to 300 people give automatically to Mbird every month, anywhere from $10 to $1200. We would love to see that number increase. Remember, anyone who signs up for monthly giving will receive a complimentary subscription to The Mockingbird. Same goes for those who give one-time gifts of $500 or more.
  2. See if your church can help. A handful of ‘partner’ churches support us every year with funds from their outreach budgets. Others give via discretionary accounts. If you attend or work at a church that is benefiting from our ministry but hasn’t gotten behind Mbird “officially” yet, be our advocate! Email us at if you have any leads.
  3. Spread the word. If you’re not in a place where you can give, there are other ways to pitch in. Write a review of one of our books on Amazon. Rate one of our podcasts on iTunes. Publicize Mbird events and articles on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. Use one of our resources at your church or in your small group. Recruit folks to come to an event. Above all, pray for us!

If you believe in what we’re doing and want to ensure that it continues, consider making a donation to Mockingbird today. Thanks for reading, and we wish you the happiest of new years.